昭和記念公園はおとぎの国だった。「フィッシュアイ」で異空間を撮る。A Showa memorial park was wonderland. Different space is taken by “fish eye”.


Sunday, April 28, 2019
A Showa memorial park was wonderland on Sunday, April 21. Different space is taken by “fish eye”.


A season of a cherry tree ends already, a season is tulip field full bloom!
I took a picture of a tulip field with 3 cameras this time.


The latest digital one eyes by which the third version is Nikon “Z7+FTZ+8-15mm”.
I take a picture of the first version by the dear texture of the negative in sha RUN DESU. The second version of depth feel as well as sharpness of the latest digital camera and modelling were shown. And it was unique using fish Irans this time, and the expression through which I peep at different space was done.


NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (15mm) MODE:A 1/1000 F9 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


8-15mm was loaded on Z for the first time this time. It’s a fish eye after a long time, so it’s confused a little. Because they’re the special lens, so for KERARE to enter the wide end, it’s necessary to remove a hood. That I just also take a picture of the tele-end simply, I need technique because a peculiar curve can’t be expressed.


The one which gave up this picture, pointed the lens to look down and took a picture. An expanse in a tulip field can be expressed.

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (15mm) MODE:A 1/2000 F9 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


POINT which manages a wide-angle lens is suitable to take a picture of a wide place from a small place. Photography method by which the one as the wide sky is a big correct answer from an alpine flower zone which crowds when so it’s such alpine flower zone. Indeed it’s an insect look, isn’t it? When it’ll be also free 15mm, it’s necessary to add the distance beyond imagination to a subject, so I pay attention.

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (15mm) MODE:A 1/3200 F4.5 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


I took a picture of picture control neutrally this time. Does N fail a little? After the color is too light. If they’re multicolored flowers, a flashiness rather may also be fine in VIVIT resolutely. I usually like a standard personally.

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (15mm) MODE:A 1/1600 F8 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


The lens were pointed to look up for a short while from level mostly. It isn’t bad, is it? I thought by an insect look, a tulip is a large flower! Please, it’ll feel like. And there doesn’t seem to be honey in a tulip, and there seems to be no form that bees gather. The fact which isn’t the flower which probably groups a bug. After all because zui is difficult to enter and it’s a tuber.

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (8mm) MODE:A 1/500 F8 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


The wide end. 8mm. The moment I looked stealthily at wonderland…. It’s too wide, so one has suited the upper part. MAI or.

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (8mm) MODE:P 1/500 F5.6 ISO(AUTO):640 WB:晴天


Right above, I took a picture. By the kind of insects, such, it may be the one which is how to be seen. This is also too wide, and a foot has seemed. It’s quite difficult, isn’t it? It’s better to take it in front of the flower, but one goes to neighborhood, too, so inevitably, a foot…

NIKON + FTZ +8-15mm (15mm) MODE:A 1/1000 F8 ISO(AUTO):560 WB:晴天


Nemophila field. A nemophila was put in front by the previous japonica with MAKYURATA as the main character. And it’s concolorous with the sky, a nemophila, back senility and good masterpiece items.

The tulip fields in the National Showa Memorial Park are overwhelming.



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